Aluminum Hard Chrome plating

Short description

Chrome plating of aluminum is a complex, multi-stage process that allows you to obtain a film on a soft and easily scratched metal - very hard and resistant to any external influences. Unlike decorative chrome plating, the hard (technical) coating of aluminum is associated with many additional steps that allow the part and the coating to be tightly joined together. Hard chrome, in contrast to decorative chrome, has a much greater thickness, hardness and wear resistance. Also, hard chrome does not darken when heated, it allows you to polish it, dull it into aggressive media and high friction units. When applied using our special technique, aluminum parts can be used in completely new, previously inaccessible industries.

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  • Surface thickness 20-50 microns

  • Surface hardness up to 70 HRC

  • Coefficient of friction (depends of pre-polishing of parts which will be plated) Chrome-Steel - 0.14-0.16 (with oil) Chrome-Stell 0.54-0.61 (without oil)

  • Increase wear resistance up to 5-10 times

  • Increased resistance to aggresive enviroment (salts, lays, some acids)

  • Different adhesion to paints  and oils (based on type of hard chrome platting hard chrome with high wear resistance, or porous hard chrome)

  • Very high corrosion resistance

  • Resistance to abrasion is 20-30 times higher than coated material (depends from coated material)

Applications of chrome plating

  • Aluminum or magnesium alloys, which has to be used in high friction parts of mechanisms

  • Aluminum and magnesium parts with high abrasive influence

  • Aluminum and magnesium parts with using in agressive enviroments (acids, lays, salts e.t.c)

  • Rocket industry and space technology

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles, communication systems

  • Optical systems and guidance systems

  • Firearms (all aluminum and magnesium parts)

  • Molds, handles, housings, parts of bearings for special purposes

  • Any vehicles parts (automobiles, motocycles, bicycles and parts of their engines and other mechanisms)

  • Oil industry (tubes, valves, pupms e.t.c)

  • Gas industry

  • Sea vehicles (propeller screws, any aluminum parts which have contact with sea water)

  • Diving equipment


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