Chrome plating

Short description

Chrome plating is a widely used electroplating process when coating iron and its alloys. Single-layer chromium coatings are very porous even in thick layers, and therefore such chromium plating for corrosion protection can be carried out only after the application of intermediate layers of other metals, for example, copper, nickel, on the surface of the product. The process of such a multi-layer coating is called protective and decorative chrome plating. Decorative chrome plating is widely used to cover the outer parts of machinery, appliances and household items.

The industry also uses the process of hard chrome plating, i.e. plating with chrome in order to increase the surface hardness and resistance to wear of tools, rubbing parts of parts, etc. crankshafts, etc.). Experience has shown that hard chrome plating increases the service life of steel products by 10-30 times. Unlike protective and decorative, hard chrome plating is carried out without applying intermediate layers of other metals.

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  • Surface thickness 20-50 microns 

  • Surface hardness up to 70 HRC 

  • Coefficient of friction (depends of pre-polishing of parts which will be plated) Chrome-Steel - 0.14-0.16 (with oil) Chrome-Stell 0.54-0.61 (without oil)

  • Increase wear resistance up to 5-10 times

  • Increased resistance to aggresive enviroment (salts, lays, some acids)

  • Different adhesion to paints  and oils (based on type of hard chrome platting hard chrome with high wear resistance, or porous hard chrome)

  • Very high corrosion resistance

  • Resistance to abrasion is 20-30 times higher than coated material (depends from coated material)

  • Possability of coating even complex shapes/forms

  • Can be coated steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, nickel 

  • Titanium and aluminum can be plated too

Applications of chrome plating

  • Steel, Iron and steel alloys which has to be used in high friction parts of mechanisms

  • Steel, iron and steel alloys parts with high abrasive influence

  • Steel,. iron and steel alloys parts with using in agressive enviroments (acids, lays, salts e.t.c)

  • Rocket industry and space technology

  • Optical systems and guidance systems

  • Firearms (all steel parts)

  • Molds, handles, housings, parts of bearings for special purposes

  • Any vehicles parts (automobiles, motocycles, bicycles and parts of their engines and other mechanisms)

  • Oil industry (tubes, valves, pupms e.t.c)

  • Gas industry

  • Sea vehicles (any steel elements which have contact with salt water)

  • Diving equipment


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