Galvanic coatings

Short description

In industry, quite often, to solve a wide variety of technical problems, it is required to apply various metals to the surface of a part by electroplating. These processes include: Nickel plating, iron plating, copper plating, lead plating, silver plating, rhodium plating, gilding, cadmium plating and many other coatings.

The deposited metals can have completely different thicknesses and properties. It is possible to apply mirror and matt films, films with high and low hardness and various thicknesses. It is also possible to apply films in several layers to obtain coatings with special properties.

For our part, we can offer you the application of the following electroplating films: Nickel, Nickel on stainless steel, zinc (electroplated), copper, lead, iron, chromium, silver, gold, rhodium. Each material is discussed separately depending on the required properties and film thickness.


Zinc: 2-15mkm of bright or matt cover

Copper: up to 1000mkm of bright or matt cover

Nickel: up to 45mkm of bright or matt cover (mechanical properties are very different, dependly from type)

Iron: up to 1mm of matt cover (polishing is possible)

Chrome: (please choose chrome plating from main page)

Silver: 1-10mkm of bright or matt cover

Gold: 0.5-4mkm of bright or matt cover

Rhodium: 0,5-22mkm of bright or matt cover (layers more than 25mkm can be platted only with middle-layers of other metals)

Applications of galvanization

  • Aircraft and automotive

  • Jewelry

  • Electronics

  • Construction

  • Houseware

  • Firearms industry

  • Any other industries


*Small or big volumes or special orders will be calculated individually. Please, contact us!