(High durable oxidation)

Short description

MT-ARMS researched and designed high relable unique galvanic oxidation process, combined with parkerizing  process (deep phosphate conversion process for carbon steel). As fact, this process allow to create deep and thick oxide layer on carbon steel. For comparement, simple alcaline oxidation form layers from 2 up to 5 micrometers.  MT-Oxipatkerizing process create layers from 10 up to 25 micrometers. This process increase corrosion resistance up to 5 times more, than simple alcaline oxidation. Also, this process have no hydrogen fragility, which is cause in simple parkerizing process. 

Oxidation layer is much more uniform layer, than in alcaline oxidation. Of course, all oxidation films have porous structure, but in MT-Galvoxide we have closed structure of our coating.

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  • Oxide layer thickness 10-25 microns (Typicaly 15 microns, depend from steel)

  • Thermal shock cycle (200° C)  100-200 cycles 

  • Reduced friction up to 3 times

  • High adhesion to paints (all oxide layers can to be painted or impregnated)

  • Corrosion resistance increases up to 3-5 times than typical alcaline process (test in a 3% salt chamber)

  • Possibility of applying various teflon and polypropylene coatings / impregnations to protect against various conditions

  • Resistance to high voltage (oxide layer is isolation) up to 500V AC

Applications of high durable oxidation

  • Aviation industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Firearms industry, military equipment

  • Pneumatics and hydraulic,

  • Gear rods and gears

  • Manufacturing and heavy industries

  • Constructions for aggresive environment


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