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The  point  of MT-Plazm is the growth of an aluminum oxide or one of the required forms of an aluminum oxide film on the surface of a metal by the injection of oxygen and components from the electrolyte. These films have very different mechanical and physical properties, in comaprement to the metal or alloy on which they were grown.

Depending on the different composition of the electrolyte and processing modes, it is possible to obtain coatings of various thicknesses and properties, but in all cases, the coatings have several times better mechanical parameters. (For example Wolframite and Chromodizing)

The growth of films is carried out by electrochemical plasma treatment in various electrolytes, by supplying a pulsating current (certain frequencies and amplitudes, in a certain ratio of cathodic and anode currents) to the workpiece.

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  • Surface thickness 20-200 microns (15-100 microns is the main continuous layer)

  • Surface hardness up to 30 GPA

  • Thermal shock cycle (600 ° C -0 ° C) -60-130 cycles (depending on the type of MIVM)

  • Coefficient of friction (continuous layer) -0.12-0.14

  • Increase in mechanical strength up to 35%

  • Increased resistance to mechanical deformation.

  • Excellent adhesion to all paints (Especially based on resins such as Duracoat, Ceracoat, etc.)

  • Reduction of IR reflections of treated surfaces

  • Corrosion resistance increases up to 40 times (test in a salt chamber)

  • Possibility of applying various teflon and polypropylene coatings / impregnations to protect against various media

  • Tungsten / vanadium / chrome injection, for unique mechanical properties

  • Resistance to abrasion is 3-5 times higher than that of the hard anode layer

Applications of MT-Plazm

  • Aluminum or magnesium alloys, which has to be used in high friction parts of mechanisms

  • Aluminum and magnesium parts with high abrasive influence

  • Aluminum and magnesium parts with using in agressive enviroments (acids, lays, salts e.t.c)

  • Rocket industry and space technology

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles, communication systems

  • Optical systems and guidance systems

  • Firearms (all aluminum and magnesium parts)

  • Molds, handles, housings, parts of bearings for special purposes

  • Any vehicles parts (automobiles, motocycles, bicycles and parts of their engines and other mechanisms)

  • Oil industry (tubes, valves, pupms e.t.c)

  • Gas industry

  • Sea vehicles (propeller screws, any aluminum parts which have contact with sea water)

  • Diving equipment


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