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MT-QPQ technology is used for surface hardening of steels and cast irons, increasing their corrosion resistance, as well as redefining the characteristics of the surfaces of processed materials.

The main variable characteristics are: surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

On cast irons, this technology allows you to create a particularly hard film, which is simply irreplaceable in rubbing units and machine parts. Moreover, this treatment makes it possible to do without induction hardening of cast iron, which creates stresses and thermal deformations in the hardened parts.

In addition to everything described, MT-QPQ makes it possible to oxidize (blacken) stainless steel. Blackening of stainless steel is one of the major problems in modern industry and design. The MT-QPQ coating is super resistant to abrasion, chemical agents and UV light. The coating easily tolerates heat up to 300 degrees Celsius. But one of the main advantages is the prohibitively high mechanical characteristics of stainless steel after coating MT-QPQ.

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  • Surface hardness of the processed part up to 64-75 HRC

  • Reduction of thermal stresses, which ensures minimum deformations within the drawing tolerance (Accuracy within 0.01mm)

  • Wide range regulation of the cooling rate after the end of the process

  •  Increase in fatigue strength of parts from 50% to 80%

  • Increase in wear resistance of parts (from 2 to 11 times) in comparison with carburizing, nitrocarburizing, gas nitriding, etc. 

  • It is possible to strengthen parts from any grades of steel and cast iron

  • There is no brittleness of the hardened layer

  • Increase in corrosion resistance of ferrous steels by 2-4 times

  • Reduction of the friction coefficient by 3-5 times, improvement of the surface quality

Applications of MT-QPQ

  • Steel and iron parts, which has to be used in high friction parts of mechanisms

  • Steel and iron parts with high abrasive influence

  • Steel and iron parts with using in agressive enviroments (acids, lays, salts e.t.c)

  • Rocket industry and space technology

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Optical systems 

  • Firearms (barrels, bolts and other steel parts)

  • Molds, handles, housings, parts of bearings for special purposes

  • Any vehicles parts (automobiles, motocycles, bicycles and parts of their engines and other mechanisms)

  • Oil industry (tubes, valves, pupms e.t.c)

  • Bolts, screws, nuts etc.

  • Parts from Stainless Steel which should be blackened


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