Steel oxidation


Short description

Steel oxidation - bluing, blackening - is obtained by treating steels with alkaline solutions. It gives the surface anti-corrosion properties, a beautiful appearance, and also slightly changes the dimensions of the part. The anticorrosive properties of the film obtained by alkaline oxidation of steel, iron and cast iron using the MT-Elox technology are much superior to the classic oxidation in comparison with the oxidation in conventional high-temperature melts (140-160°C).


Bluing is used mainly for decorative purposes, as well as in those cases when it is required to maintain the size of a part or give it a black color. The latter refers to small arms and precision instruments, as well as protection against corrosion of various fasteners in non-relevant structures (for example: furniture elements, parts of sculptures, chandeliers and brackets).

We are also pleased to offer you hot oxidation of high-alloy steels. The processing temperature is 380-420 ° C. The thickness, wear resistance and porosity of the resulting protective film is the maximum possible for this type of steel processing.

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  • Processing temperature: 80-120°C

  • Layer thickness: 5-6mkm

  • 3-4 times more durable than typical alcaline-bazed solutions

  • Deep black colour

Applications of steel oxidation

  • Aviation industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Firearms industry, military equipment

  • Pneumatics and hydraulic,

  • Gear rods and gears

  • Manufacturing and heavy industries

  • Constructions for aggresive environment


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