Titanium chrome platting

Short description

Titanium alloys, which are used in special machinery and tools design,  have a lot of advantage in use, because their strength-to-weight ratio, combined with heat and corrosion resistance.

Titanium alloys proved themself as a very difficult substrate to apply any coating, because all of titanium alloys coated by oxide film, which make them passive for any type of galvanic coating.

Over the years many surface treatments and coatings have been proposed to alleviate Titanium's inherent problems of seizing, galling, and fretting wear due to its high coefficient of friction.

For different use, titanium parts can be coat by Platinum or Nickel, but for really heavy duty usage, titanium parts can to be coated by Chrome.

MT-ARMS have enough experience, to provide quality service for Titanium parts chrome plating, include parts with hard geometry.


  • Processing temperature: up to 900°C

  • Layer thickness: 1-50mkm

  • Workpiece thickness must be not less than 1mm

  • Test parts of titanium are required

Applications of steel oxidation

  • Aviation industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Firearms industry, military equipment

  • Pneumatics and hydraulic,

  • Gear rods and gears

  • Manufacturing and heavy industries

  • Constructions for aggresive environment

  • Oil and gas industry


*Small or big volumes or special orders will be calculated individually. Please, contact us!